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Your brand, staged correctly in the marketplace, illuminates your unique value and elevates it above all the rest, producing in your customers the primal pleasure of a memorable story well told. When the promise delivered by your brand story is experienced over and over again, it becomes more than an expectation in the marketplace: it actually adds brand equity to your bottom line. 

Emily Aiken--along with her roster of supporting characters--gives brands life through a dynamic fusion of strategy and creativity.  The Story Studio enjoys praise for our amazing results.  Imagine how you'd feel when:

  • your fund manager presentation triggers a 300% jump in your stock value.
  • your video about your offer not only generates leads but secures investors too.                    
  • your digital presence doubles in unique visitors, depth of engagement and revenue.
  • your social media life has the right people talking about you and liking you.


Present Tense @The Story Studio:

We’ve recently developed a campaign for the social sustainable enterprise ayzh and founder Zubaida Bai. Our goal for Janma, their clean birth kit product, was to stage a story that would be effective messaging for all ages, genders and cultures. The campaign needed an umbrella positioning that would connect to all women in the world as well as to those governments, foundations, NGOs, and organizations focused on solving maternal health issues.